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Music Lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Exam preparation (optional)
  • Grade 5 Theory            (ABRSM)
  • Aural Training
  • Beginners Guitar (with or without singing)


The music lessons I offer:

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 Piano Teaching:    

  • Beginners of all ages are very welcome.
  • I use a variety of books/resources as appropriate to the individual.
  • I attend conferences run by the ABRSM and keep up-to-date with new ideas and resources to ensure a motivational approach to music teaching.
  • When ready, pupils can be entered for Grades 1-6 ABRSM piano exams (optional).
  • Students must have a piano to practise on at home, or alternatively a suitably sized touch-sensitive electronic piano.

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Grade 5 Theory:

  • Being a firm believer in Simultaneous Learning I include music theory as part of piano lessons, relating it to the music we’re playing.   However, I also teach ABRSM Grade 5 Theory as a separate course of lessons for other instrumental students who need to pass this before taking the Grade 6 practical exam

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Aural Training/ ‘booster’ lessons

  • As described above (see Grade 5 Theory)  I also include aural training as an integral part of music lessons. However, pupils of other instrumental teachers often ask for a short course of extra lessons leading up to an exam, (Grades 1-8)  leaving more time for their instrumental teacher to focus on the playing itself.  This takes the form of 'booster’ lessons, covering all aspects of the aural test and hopefully increasing a pupil’s confidence in what can at times appear to be a daunting part of the exam.
  •  In addition I can provide extra practice for the exam pieces (Grades 1-5)  by giving the opportunity for an instrumental player (eg flute, clarinet or trumpet) to become more confident with the accompaniment.   I must stress I never interfere by offering advice on the specific instrument but work as a complementary ‘practice tutor’ in terms of how the accompaniment fits with the pieces.